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From tree trimming in Atlanta, GA all the way to tree removal in Atlanta, GA, caring for the natural elegance and character that thriving trees can add to your home takes a lot of specialized work. Whether they’re serving as a shady spot on a summer day, a home for the songbirds who greet you every morning, or simply as a breathtaking part of your home’s landscape, with the right care and tree service like tree trimming in Atlanta, GA the benefits you enjoy from your trees are sure to keep growing.

That’s why, here at Chop Chop Tree, we’re proud to help homeowners just like you with all of the unique, expertly performed Atlanta tree services needed to ensure that the beauty, reliability, safety, and splendor of your trees are preserved through sunny days and storms alike.

Tree Service Atlanta, GA

All your tree care needs from tree planting, fertilizing, and tree trimming in Atlanta, GA to Atlanta landscaping services, tree removal in Atlanta, GA, and stump removal in Atlanta, GA, can be quickly, dependably, and affordably performed by our team of professional arborists with the quality and skill you deserve.

It’s never been easier to get the specialized tree services in Atlanta, GA you need!

If you’re interested in learning more about what Chop Chop Tree local tree service Atlanta, GA contractors can do to improve the look, safety, comfort, and value of your home then we invite you to contact our friendly and knowledgeable arborists today at (678) 245-4737 to schedule a free consultation, assessment, and estimate for the precise Atlanta tree services your home needs to be its very best.

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Our Most Popular Services

Tree Trimming - Atlanta, GA

Tree Trimming in Atlanta GAKeeping your home’s trees looking beautiful and growing in a healthy and safe way begins with properly performed tree trimming in Atlanta, GA. That’s why our team of Atlanta tree trimming specialists here at Chop Chop Tree are proud to offer quick, highly experienced, and highly specialized services like tree trimming in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area! Call now to schedule your free Atlanta tree trimming estimate!

Tree Removal - Atlanta, GA

Tree Removal in Atlanta GAPerforming tree removal in Atlanta, GA demands high levels of experience and skill along with specialized equipment, certification, and training to ensure that when your Atlanta tree removal is being performed your landscaping, Atlanta, GA home, and family are all safe. The Atlanta tree removal arborists here at Chop Chop Tree deliver all these facets and more to make sure that your experience with tree removal in Atlanta, GA is as efficient and satisfying as possible. Click here to learn more and to schedule your free Atlanta tree removal estimate!

Stump Removal - Atlanta, GA

Stump Removal in Atlanta GAStump removal in Atlanta, GA does much more than just rid your carefully crafted Atlanta landscaping of an unattractive feature. Atlanta stump removal performed by our team of experienced arborists frees your property of dangers including pest infestation, wood rot development, and property value decrease all with the efficiency, safety, and dependability that you deserve. Whether you’re interested in having an old rotten stump removal in Atlanta, GA performed or want to ensure that your Atlanta tree removal includes stumps as well call us with any questions about Atlanta stump removal and schedule your free estimate!

Tree Pruning - Atlanta, GA

Tree Pruning Services in Atlanta GALike tree trimming, tree pruning in Atlanta, GA is a specialized, seasonal service which helps to ensure that the on-going growth and expansion of your homes trees continues to be safe, healthy, and attractive through many months of enjoyment and appreciation to come. To learn more about the importance of this season service and get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable Atlanta tree pruning arborists to keep your home safe and stunning. Click here to learn more and to schedule your free Atlanta tree pruning estimate!


From tree trimming in Atlanta, GA to tree removal in Atlanta, GA, Chop Chop Tree arborists are ready today to provide the exact tree service you need with quality you can count on. But don’t take our word for it! Look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

“Excellent Experience”  

“I was delighted by the work of your crew! They arrived right when they said they would, answered all my questions, and really cared about making me happy with the results. Before they even started doing the tree trimming I hired them for they took the time to protect my lawn and my garden from any damage and once they got started on the trimming work they knew just what to do to make it look its best. They were done in just a couple hours and my yard’s never looked better!” - Renee D.

“You Guys are Lifesavers”  

“We really can’t thank your team enough! After our heavy, old tree was damaged by a storm we were desperate for emergency tree removal services and Chop Chop Tree was just what we needed! Your guys were at our home right after we called and made sure that our home and my family were safe. They looked over the damage, secured it to stop anything from happening, had the equipment they needed brought out right away and got the whole tree out that day, stump and all! My wife and I were completely satisfied and recommend you guys to everyone! Thank you so much!” - Jason R.

“Best Contractors I’ve Ever Hired”  

“The arborists Chop Chop Tree sent to my home were wonderful to work with! They were very courteous and friendly and knew everything about tree care! After they pruned my trees I ended up talking to one of the gentlemen about how to keep my trees healthy with fertilizer and landscaping services, and just a ton of things I had no idea about! They were incredibly professional and I’m positive I’m going to be using them again!” - Marty W.